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AdMedia Group depends on its technically advanced next generation infrastructure to deliver best in class customer-aware and lifestyle-enhancing products and services that anticipate customers' needs. We understand that customers are on-the-go, busy and mobile and expect frictionless and seamless services. By deeply understanding the needs of customers – AdMedia Group delivers the right products and services at the right time – helping customers simplify their lives, enabling them to transact their businesses and lives easily and ensuring a WOW user-experience from start to finish.

In the fast-moving and demanding world in which we live and work, once in a rare while a company comes along that actually delivers more than it promises, exceeding the customers’ needs, beyond their expectations and imagination – A company that is dynamic, innovative and yet completely dependable. A company that raises the bar... That company is AdMedia Group (PTY) Ltd.


We design websites with your business objectives in mind, so you convey your unique professional image to potential clients and target just the right kinds of cases. For our design and marketing to work, we apply our experience, innovation and artistry in every element. We constantly seek out new and interesting materials and update ways in which products and services can be displayed and marketed.

Marketing and Advertising are powerful tools to maintain customer and supplier relationships, explore new markets, and create systematic records of management and financial information that can be effectively utilized for internal learning as well as reporting to external stakeholders.


Computer Repair and Maintenance Services - We are providing quality computer repair at AdMedia Group (PTY) Ltd. If you have problems with your PC, contact us and one of our local repair technicians will be working on any computer problems you might experience.

Data Backup – What is the most valuable asset in a company? The answer is its data. We have the backup solutions that fit your needs. You won't have to worry about security and back up issues.

Network installation and management - We provide ICT infrastructure outsourcing solutions for the management and the support of your network, servers and computers. Our outsourcing contracts reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your ICT infrastructure due to the fact that our contracts are cheaper than managing yourself your infrastructure (with dedicated resources or with punctual interventions of third party) while keeping high service level agreement (SLA).


Internet - We offer internet solutions and services that are built on a world-class, secure and resilient infrastructure, delivered according to global best practices and in partnership with South Africa's leading Internet vendors.

Domain Registrations and email hosting - We analyse your email needs in order to offer you the most efficient personalised email solution. We host your domain in a secure environment. You won't have to take care about security and back up issues; we do the job for you.

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  • The IT Support we offer can accomplish various tasks such as: Install, configure & patch your computer system with the latest windows updates, Carry out full system reports, online backup for the important data of your business, upgrades, system repairs, all performed by expert IT consultants and technicians. There are Internet and Intranet Solutions we can offer for all business users.
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    - Corporate logo design
    - Corporate stationery
    - Corporate identity 
    - Brochures
    - Presentation folders
    - Newsletters
    - Flyers
    - Signage
    - Posters
    - Printed Press advertisements

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  • Increasingly, word of mouth drives business. Those words are being shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites. More and more of today’s conversations are taking place online. It’s important for businesses and companies to join and positively influence those conversations. In return, they will expand their online footprint, enhance their brands, and build a referral network.
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We know that we can serve our clients the most by focusing on what we’re best at, and working with partners who are the best at what they do. Great things are rarely done in isolation. We partner with technology companies for hosting, infrastructure and online services. We partner with creative agencies and firms for social media, search engine optimisation, business development and more.

AdMedia Group delivers its promise by adopting a:
Next Generation World Class Infrastructure: Using the "best of breed" innovative technologies that guarantee customers access to premium products and services which are highly scalable at an optimal cost.
World Class Team: Highly experienced professionals with in depth business and technical knowledge across various industry verticals.
Efficient Processes: We developed our products and services by adopting internationally proven systems and processes and aligning them with industry standards and “best of breed" practices. This provides our customers with the optimum mix of high productivity and cost effectiveness combined with the freedom to focus on their core business.

Customer Centric Services: Every organization has unique requirements based on their particular operational and business needs. AdMedia Group (PTY) Ltdvalue-added services are modular and scalable to suit the clients' particular requirements which change dynamically over the lifecycle of their business, enabling them to meet present and future business challenges.
Responsive Customer Care: All our service offerings are backed up by a rigorous customer satisfaction and feedback program, that are governed by quality accreditations and proven customer care methodologies, this ensuring that customer's interaction and experience with AdMedia Group is of the highest standards and our service meets customer's expectation every time.

Our Vision

To be a recognized world’s leading next generation services provider who passionately serve communities around.

Our Mission
To provide our customers with the highest possible level of services using the best available cost effective solutions in order to help them achieve their business and personal goals




269 Mark Street
Haenertsburg 0730


076 729 1369 | 078 829 2437


Email: info@admediagroup.co.za